Our Mission

Provide comprehensive health messages and interventions aimed at improving the overall health of LGBTQ+ and the Native Two Spirit communities in Montana. Our vision is to help our community create lives for themselves worth protecting with bold and fearless conviction.

What We Do

The Gay Men’s Task Force is made up of gay men from across the state of Montana. We meet several times a year through our retreats, local events, and community support services..


We organize retreats for men who are gay, bisexual, or have sex with men (MSM). We also organize retreats focused on the needs of HIV+ men, young gay men, and Native American gay, bisexual, transgender identified, and/or two spirited persons.

Health Advocacy

We make recommendations about gay men’s health issues to the Governor’s AIDS Council, and the Montana Community Planning Group (CPG). Task force members also conduct peer outreach, advocate for gay men’s health and work with local health agencies and community-based organizations to help fulfill our mission.

The Gay Health Task Force meets to review health data, interventions, and community assessments in order to evaluate and recommend ways to improve health promotion strategies and expand healthy options. We identify solutions in addition to focusing on problems and challenges surrounding HIV / STD prevention and general health.

We work to transform the public conversation on gay men’s health from one narrowly focused on disease and victimization to an expanded focus including our rich community assets and our collective resilience.