Attend one of the free (donations requested for some retreats/gatherings) and fabulous retreats the Montana Gay Health Task Force has to offer and experience a weekend of great workshops presented by experienced facilitators and educators. Enjoy a variety of great weekend activities in a safe and confidential space and meet people from all over the State.

In both group and individual interactions you’ll get all the information on current health issues and a variety of other topics current and relevant to you!

Friendships made during these retreats can last a lifetime and the information about gay men, our culture and gay men’s health issues will be of benefit to us and those we share with for a long time to come.

Montana Two Spirit Gathering

Montana Two Spirit Gathering

When: Early August

Where: Flathead Lake

Who: Native, First Nations, Indigenous Two-Spirit people, their partners, family and friends.

HIV+ Gay Men's Health Retreat

When: Late September

Where: Helena

Who: HIV+ Gay & Bisexual Men

Autumn Gay Men's Health Retreat

When: November 8-10th

Where: Polson, Montana

Who: Gay & bisexual men living in Montana